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Shahab Riazi (Salman, the father) grew up in Karachi during the Zia Martial Law and never quite got over the jarring effect of that happenstance. Attended college here in the US in the 90s, and now spends the better part of the day worrying about customers and product users in a small corner of a software firm in South Bay, where he also resides. Loves Poetry and Cricket and is active in the Santa Clara Cricket Club. Enjoys long discussions on politics, sociology, and Cricket along with long sessions of English or Urdu poetry with a good cigar. At thirty-one, golf is becoming more and more intrusive in the little piece of life that he has left, outside of work. He was featured in Shahid Nadeem's "Bulleh" as the insufferable Qazi and made his debut with the earlier production of The Domestic Crusaders in 2004.