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Abbas Zaidi (Hakim, the grandfather)

Abbas Zaidi is a published playwright, public speaker, and poet on a lifelong quest for his "inner hakim". His career has spanned the genres of Consulting, Teaching, Writing, and Alternative Health / Wellness. Acting, one of his favored expressive mediums, formally began with the role of Careful Hans in 4th grade, and by the time he was MC'ing international variety shows in 7th grade, he was in a lifelong love affair with the stage. Born in Karachi to a military family, Abbas was raised in eight countries on four continents as a global nomad. Making his first Indian friend at the age of 11 and having to reconcile a loyal Indian Muslim who speaks Urdu, started his Pakistani-trained mind on a journey beyond Pakistaniat and into insaaniat (humanity) that continues to this day and of which playing Hakim, a character from the last generation of Pakistanis to hail directly from the now Indian Deccan, is a part. When not on stage, he's working in Silicon Valley, helping the tech world communicate with itself and with the rest of humanity, or spreading the message of health and wellness through internal Alkalinity. His latest published work is listed on his personal site, where Abbas maintains a record of his innovations, with links, at, and where he welcomes all students of hikmat/wisdom.