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Kamran Khan (Salahuddin [Sal], the eldest son)

Kamran Khan If you had told twelve year old honor student Kamran Khan from Washington School for the Gifted in Peoria, Illinois that he would one day travel internationally performing as an actor, work with an Academy Award winner, photograph NFL and NBA athletes, and walk behind Michael Jordan in a bar in Los Angeles, he probably would have revealed a bucktoothed, braces-filled grin and told you his goal was to become a Jedi instead. Unfortunately, George Lucas has never heard of Kamran, so that goal is, as of today, unfulfilled. Other credits include the Fringe Festival award winning play, John Goldfarb, Please Come Home written by William Peter Blatty and stand-up comedy at Comic Strip, Live! open mics. He's currently in pre-production on the feature film, Ground Zed, which he has written (www.groundzed.com) and Kamran's photographic work can be seen on his site at www.kamphotography.info.